Concrete Driveway for your Home

Concrete Driveway for your Home

The driveway is the focal point of your home. It’s the first thing your guests see. A brand new concrete driveway created by Our team at Concrete Indy would look excellent! Whether you have a new construction driveway or an old crumbling concrete driveway, we would be more than happy to create a strong, beautiful clean concrete driveway for your home. We service Indianapolis as well as central Indiana for all of their concrete projects! We have the experience and knowledge to bring you the best of Everything Concrete! We have the highest reviews on Google, Facebook, and home advisor of any concrete contractor in the Indianapolis or central Indiana market. We stand behind our work. The reason why we are the best is we do everything in-house. Many of our competitors subcontract, and that is not something we do. This allows us to control the quality as well as provide the best possible pricing.

Concrete Driveway Indianapolis

Let’s talk you through the steps to a new concrete driveway for your home. First off, we need to remove your old driveway. We will bring a bobcat with a concrete breaker on-site and break your driveway to pieces. We will load these pieces into our dump truck and haul them away. Once we get the concrete removed, we will be able to see what we’re working with. Most times, our competitors will pour concrete directly on top of the dirt without using a proper fill material. If this is the case, we will need to dig up 2 to 3 inches of dirt and remove that as well. Now I will bring in 2 inches of 53 Stone; this is a strong stone that compacts very well. We will run our compactor along this area to secure a nice strong base. At this point, we will set the forms and ensure that we have the proper grade for your concrete driveway. We will make sure that the gradient is set so that the water runs away from your house and not towards your house. This is a crucial step that can cause major problems if it’s gone wrong.

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Concrete Driveway for your home2
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Our standard concrete depth for a driveway is 5 inches thick. We use synthetic rebar in all of our concrete work. This gives additional bonding strength, which allows us to have the best quality concrete. We don’t cut any corners. We want to use the best possible products to build you the best concrete driveway. Once we bring in the concrete and get it where we need it and everything is leveled, our skilled concrete finishers will work their magic. This is a beautiful process to see. All of the joints get cut when edging is being performed. This process is very important, and any mistakes during this step will last forever. That’s why we continue to hire the best concrete finishers to provide the highest quality concrete products. Once the concrete cures and the forms have been removed, you might want to consider Sealing your driveway. Concrete Sealers will give you a rich, beautiful color as well as protect your driveway and increase its lifespan.

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